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To every expert friend of our handwriting -

Among other things, I am a member of a handwriting education research group, which is building a database of all the handwriting curriculum/textbook models published anywhere in the world of the Roman alphabet. We aim to document (in a searchable Internet database) literally every shape and form of handwriting instruction template that is/was posted anywhere in any nation that uses any form of the Roman alphabet, whether for the national language(s), or for any other language(s) extensively studied in that country.

So please read and respond to the attached image (a letter about 5h3 project), then please forward this same image (with a request worded any way you like) to anyone else who has the information and expertise to respond with! Also, feel free to post it on social media, your blog and/or website, and anywhere else you can think of.)

With hundreds of countries in the world, and most of them using the Roman alphabet, either for their own language, or some other language that is very commonly taught there, the only way to get a collection of data on the scale needed is for us to reach wherever we can!

So please reply, yourself, and send it to others (handwriting publishing companies, etc.) so they can also reply!

Yes, the purpose of this project is none other than to create a comprehensive worldwide database of all handwriting patterns used/published anywhere in the world where the Roman alphabet is known and used. The purposes of this database are research, education, and objective documentation. Become part of this data collection initiative. It's YOUR chance to show the world (for today and tomorrow) what YOU know about handwriting: what is YOUR place and YOUR place/region/company/etc., within the big picture of Roman handwriting models in EVERY corner of the world, no matter how big or small, how well known or how little known (yet)!

Models from EVERY country, models from EVERY school or region, modelsbfrom EVERY company, need and deserve a place on the map!