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Minimalistica "Triumph" Bulkfiller


Hi fountain pen friends !
Just equipped one of my Minimalistica Bulkfiller prototypes with a beautiful Sheaffer Triumph Nib
This nib unit originates from an early Sheaffer Triumph plunger filler made in the late thirties of last century.
Being recently confronted with a post on FPN were the owner installed himself a Triumph nib on his standard Minimalistica, I thought it looked great!
So I decided to do one myself starting from the standard Bock nib /feed screw in housing, so changing nibs remains easy.
Please not this pen is one of a kind and will not produced by Conid.
Pen is made in beautiful green marbled Omas  celluloid, and - contrary to the standard Minimalistica -  features an ink window.
Cap caps  and posts using my proven “ O ring”capping system
I’ve made a special  titanium “ lightning arrow"  clip  for this pen, to distinguish it from my other prototypes.
The nib is a juicy EF nib with writes as a needlepoint when used inversely.
Hope you like my "Triumph nib” Minimalistica !
Greetings from sunny Flanders !

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